Z93...the Rock Station Michigan Made

Thank you for the support Z93, Michigan Made and our fans! Always pretty sweet getting some radio time. There are some really good Michigan made bands that deserve some air time!!  

Line up From 9-29-19

Hand That Feeds – A Silver Lining ( Bay City) 

Do What’s Right – Coldville (West Michigan)  

The Count – Brissette (Bay City)  

The Coming Storm – Matt Moore (Mt. Pleasant)  

Outside The Wire – 19TilDawn (Battle Creek) 

On The Edge (1986) – Stranger (Bay City)  

Alchemy In Motion – Here After 6 (Saginaw)  

Arsenic Tea Party – Arsenic Tea Party (Flint)  

Alone – Of Virtue (Lansing)  

Busy Lives – Fire! It’s Sirius (Kalamazoo)  

Spirit Of A Lion – Everyday Ghost (Saginaw)

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